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GitHub Universe is the annual community event featuring GitHub product experts, software leaders, and enterprise teams who are building the world’s most important technologies.


In Github, we can do a monthly recurring payment to a developer. And now it can be done for an organization also by an organization. So basically, Earlier users can only sponsor users and now users can sponsor organizations, as well as organizations, can sponsor users or organizations.

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Turn this…


This lint warning is shown by Android Studio for SVG

Very long vector path (1034 characters), which is bad for performance. Considering reducing precision, removing minor details or rasterizing vector.

Wrong Solutions:

1. Add tools:ignore=”VectorPath”

android:pathData="m512,256c0,141.387 -114.613"
tools:ignore="VectorPath" />

Doing this will just suppress the lint warning it won’t solve…

First of all O(1) means a fixed amount of time to do something, it can be 10 nanoseconds,15 milliseconds,30 minutes, or an hour. Similarly, O(n) means it takes an amount of time linear with the size of the set, so a set twice the size will take twice the time.

What is hashing?

This is the question which many of the new android developers , even the experienced ones have in their mind.

Ofcourse learn kotlin it is the obvious answer.

Is it really the obvious answer ?

Let’s go deep and find what’s the best answer** is.

Answer is whatever suits you…

There is one of the reasons why even in a company with great culture and savvy engineers, it can still be hard to hold some talent. Regular and exciting work is crucial to keep people learning.

Having a high-quality and predictable codebase is great for productivity and Faster development process…

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